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ImmoComplexe set up a structure ensuring the competence and the legal safety necessary to the good realization of its acquisitions while preserving with determination the protection of the interests of its customers whatever the nature or the degree of complexity of their situation.

Loyers non payés - vue sur immeuble parisien.

Unpaid rent

Faced with unpaid rents, obtaining an eviction represents a real challenge. ImmoComplexe proposes a simple alternative: sell us your rental property.

Maison taguée, détériorée par des squatteurs.

Squatted property

The eviction of a squat can take months even years: ImmoComplexe repurchases your squatted good, in the state, with the occupants without right nor title.

Déménagement avant saisie immobilière.

Real estate foreclosure

As of the order of sale by mutual agreement, ImmoComplexe repurchases your real estate and proposes to you to become tenant of it.

Immeuble en péril. Façade et fenêtres présentent un danger.

Notice of peril

In spite of the decrees of peril, the state of the housing and the work to be carried out, ImmoComplexe buys back your property without waiting.

Miroir brisée. Quand un drame terni la réputation d'une habitation.

Property marked by a tragedy

Aware of the difficulty for an owner to resell at a correct price a house that has been the scene of various events, we offer to buy back your property.

Appartement spolié dans immeuble marocain.

Real estate spoliation

Recovering a plundered property in Morocco involves interminable procedures whose outcome is always uncertain. ImmoComplexe buys back your looted property as is.

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