Our offer

ImmoComplexe buys back any property placed in a complex situation. “In the state” means that you sell your house or flat whatever the difficulties you encounter: squatting, notice of danger, order to pay before seizure, tenants refusing to pay their rent, bad reputation following a drama. For all these cases, ImmoComplexe is ready to buy back your property.

En rachetant votre bien, nous vous exonérons de toutes les responsabilités et incertitudes des procédures judiciaires qui sont bien souvent très longues et coûteuses.

The steps

Visit of the property and evaluation of the problem

In the first instance, one of our staff will visit the property to get an initial impression of the property and the complexity of the situation.

Then we have the value of the property itself assessed. To do this, we call on local estate agencies and we take note of the latest notarial sales in the area.

Finally, we assess the complexity of the situation. We evaluate the duration and cost of the procedures we will have to carry out to resell the property. For this stage, when the situation is very complex, we call on an expert approved by the High Court.

Firm offer to purchase, signature of a preliminary sales agreement

Once your property and situation have been assessed, you will receive an offer to purchase.

We then sign a preliminary contract of sale at the notary’s office to seal our agreement for the final signature.

Sell the property

Once the sale is completed, your notary will hand over the funds to you.

ImmoComplexe owns the property

You are no longer responsible for any problems with this house or flat.

By becoming the new owner of your property, we free you from the complex situation that has made your life impossible.

Problem solving by ImmoComplexe

Each case is different, our experts work to solve the problems one by one with the help of a lawyer and a bailiff.

While we operate within the law, our solution is based on dialogue and support.

Refurbishment and sale of the property

Once the property is free of problems, we start the renovation work. This is the last step before the property is put back on the market.

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